Integrating your Printing Service into the 3YOURMIND Marketplace is a very easy and straightforward process from onboarding to fine tuning your offers and administering orders. Follow this guide to learn about all important tools and steps.

1) Configure Your Printing Service

The first thing to do when you get started on this platform is to provide general information about your Printing Service.

Learn how to set that up

2) Offer Materials

Customers will only use your services if you offer the material that they want to use to print their material. Part of this process is to set a price for your services. Note that the customer will see offers from each Printing Service offering the same material so be combative!

Learn how to manage materials

Learn about pricing

3) Set Payment, Shipping, And Discounts

It doesn't stop at setting up materials. Also set up methods of payment, shipping and discounts to reach more customers.

Learn about Payment

Learn about Shipping

Learn about Discounts

4) Daily Operations

Once your Printing Service is set up and orders start to come in the Service Panel has all the features you need to process the order and keep your customers updated about the status of their order.

Learn how to manage day to day business

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