Once all the Materials, Discounts and Shipping options are set up, you will start receiving orders from customers. The Service Panel is designed to make processing these orders as easy as possible.

  • Checking Project Status
  • Accessing Projects
  • Processing Orders

Check 3D Project Status

  1. In the Service Panel, select Projects in the left sidebar to see a quick overview of all 3D Projects ordered at Your Printing Service.

  2. In the column to the the very right the Status of each 3D Project is displayed. There are four possible status descriptions:
    • Pending  –  the Project was ordered and is waiting to be processed.
    • Printing  –  is set once your Printing Service confirms that the models of the 3D Project will be printed.
    • Canceled  – can be set any time before the order is shipped by canceling the order.
    • Shipped   –  is set once the Printing Service confirms that the models of the 3D Project have been shipped.

Service Panel Project Overview showing orders placed at your service
Access Projects

Sometimes you may want to download project files for closer examination or to cancel unresolved orders. To do so:   

  1. In the Service Panel, select Projects in the left sidebar - then select a specific Project from the list. Here you can:

  • Review all relevant information about the order, like Customer Data, Shipping Address and Payment.
  • Review individual items in the Print Items, and download them by clicking on their name.

3D Order File Review

  • Export this order in CSV format by clicking on the Export Order button.
  • Switch to Project View by clicking the banner on top of the page, to download or delete attachments or answer to comments.

3D Project Overview Panel

Process Orders

To keep yourself and your customers updated about the progress of all your orders, it is your sacred responsibility to change their Status according to their progress.

Note: To keep the progress neat and structured, the Status can not be changed randomly as it follows the logic of the graphic below:

Order Processing Structure

  1. In the Service Panel, go to Projects - and from the project list select a 3D Project that you want to process.
  2. Here you can change the Status in one of the following ways:
    • Pending >Printing  –  once an order is ready and set for printing, click on the Printing button below. A window will pop up, which you can use to write a personalized message that will be sent to the customer who ordered the specified 3D Project.
    • Printing > Shipped – once an order is ready and set to be shipped, click on the Shipped button that replaced the previous Printing button. Once again use the popup to update your customer on their order.
    • Pending/Printing > Canceled  – if the order has to be canceled, click on the Cancel Order button at the bottom of the submenu. Use the popup to clarify why the order was canceled and to provide the customer with further information.

Changing 3D Project Status

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